Summertime Showdown

Summertime Showdown Rules:

  • PS4 & PC Players only.
  • 2v2. All four participants play a game together in squads. The team with the most kills after TWO GAMES will move on to the next round. NO TIES.
  • In the event of a tie after two games, the tiebreaker round(s) will consist of an additional game in which both teams will drop TILTED TOWERS at the beginning of the game.
  • No Sabotaging the opposing team (shooting structures, obstructing, etc)
  • One person per team MUST stream their point of view. Every streamer must have a MINUTE DELAY on their streams.


  • The higher seed (closest to zero) will host the first match. The lower seed will host the second match. The longest lasting team at the end of the second game hosts the tiebreaker. The longest lasting team at the end of the tiebreaker hosts the additional tiebreaker...
  • The username of first player listed on each team is the twitter account of that player. In order to coordinate invites and friend requests with that player, do it through twitter.